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3 Body Language Gestures That Can Make You Lots of Friends

In body language, gestures can be very powerful. Something as simple as scratching one’s lip could reveal a whole different viewpoint than the person is trying to convey. Equally important are the body language gestures that you use in communicating with others. In his book,┬áThe Like Switch, Jack Schafer, an FBI Special Agent specializing in behavior analysis and recruiting spies outlines three simple body language gestures you can use to win friends and influence people. Body Language Gesture 1 – The Eyebrow Flash Raise This is perhaps one of the…

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Why is Understanding Body Language So Important?

Understanding body language seems like a no brainer. Obviously, it is good to know if people are communicating something with their body. It probably makes you better at poker right? But is it really such a big deal? But the reason that understanding body language is so important because it doesn’t just give you access to a little bit more of the what the person means to say. It gives you access to A WHOLE LOT MORE. Ready for the mind blowing statistic? Only 7% of the meaning we take…

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