3 Body Language Gestures That Can Make You Lots of Friends

In body language, gestures can be very powerful. Something as simple as scratching one’s lip could reveal a whole different viewpoint than the person is trying to convey.

Equally important are the body language gestures that you use in communicating with others.

In his book, The Like Switch, Jack Schafer, an FBI Special Agent specializing in behavior analysis and recruiting spies outlines three simple body language gestures you can use to win friends and influence people.

Body Language Gesture 1 – The Eyebrow Flash Raise

This is perhaps one of the most transformative gestures to learn. When you see a person that you want to have a closer connection with, give them a single instantaneous raise of your eyebrows! This is a very subconscious signal that you mean them no harm and that you are open to receiving their symbols of friendship back. Warning: Don’t hold your eye brows up too long or your signal will go from that of friend to creep-o.


Body Language Gesture 2 – The Head Tilt

This is another way to show someone you want to be a friend. This is a very important one for men to learn as women tend to do it more naturally. The head tilt is actually the exposing of the jugular to another person. back when we were violent cavemen, to expose your jugular to a person was to be completely vulnerable. You will notice that very few men will do this in business, but once the meetings are done and it’s time to hit the bar, the men that are good with women will begin tilting their heads in conversations with women to show that they are friendly and not dangerous.

Body Language Gesture 3 – The Eye Crinkle

Ever wonder why you can tell a fake smile immediately? It’s all in the eyes and the feet. The crow’s feet to be exact! If you are terrified about your eyes aging a little, maybe this will be good news. Crinkling your crow’s feet during a smile makes it seem genuine and warm. A smile without crow’s feet crinkles looks fake and manufactured. This is a good thing to remember if you have recently had botox. You may have gotten it to look younger, but remember that those who are used to seeing your natural smile will find you a little cold and aloof, and they won’t quite know why.

I hope these three body language gestures help you as you try to make friends and influence people.