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The Body Language of Legs or These Legs Were Made For Communicating

The Body Language of Legs

Different parts of your body communicate your inner state differently. Interestingly enough, you can almost make a direct correlationĀ for how expressive a body part will be by measuring how far away from the brain it is.

Your face, a part of your body that is particularly close to the brain, is the least honest communicator of your entire body language system. it can be worn like a mask, forced to communicate the opposite state of the person wearing it. Your arms are a little further away from the brain and while they can be manipulated to express contrary feelings, they can’t help but communicate at least a little bit of a person’s true state of being. But when it comes to the body language of legs… legs don’t lie.


Here is a fun game to play while people watching. Find a place where there are lots of couples. Now watch their legs. There will almost always be one person who has their legs pointed towards their partner, while the other one points away.

Every now and then you will find a couple who have both their legs pointed towards each other. More often you’ll find couples with both of their legs pointed away from each other. More often than not, legs pointed at a person expresses interest and investment in the relationship while legs pointed away says the exact opposite.

Legs Show Interest

While it might be unfair to read too much into a single body indicator, legs tend to very honestly express how a person is feeling about the relationship, though only at that moment. A man whose legs point away from his girlfriend after a fight might find them swinging around closer and closer to pointing at her as he begins to forgive her.

A woman whose legs are pointed away from a stranger hitting on her at the bar is expressing disinterest. But if his game is tight and he begins to win her over, her legs will move like the hand on a gaugeĀ measuring her interest.

Man-Spreading Explained

Legs are also the keeper of the genitals. Much of our neuro-body-language programming has to do with how present our genitals are to the world. Crossed legs create a huge obstacle to accessing the genitals, a sign that we do not trust the person in front of us (it is also interesting to think that women were traditionally encouraged to sit this way, a general message to the world that their genitals are not to be messed with).

Men who sit with their legs splayed open are often considered to be arrogant or insensitive. It might be less about the space they take up when they are “man-spreading” than the message communicated to all those around “If my genitals were a convenience store, they’d be open 24/7!”. Leaving your genitals open also shows dominance. It shows that you aren’t nervous about being attacked, even on the subway!

Legs, Don’t Fail Me Now

Next time you want someone to feel like you have their full attention, or want to let them know you are invested in an exchange, point your feet directly towards them, even when your body is faced another way.

On the flip side, if you are in an exchange and you want to subtly communicate disinterest to get out of it, keep your body pointed towards the person but point your legs the direction you’d like to be walking. You might find yourself walking that way sooner than you hoped!


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